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States Lend a Helping Hand

State education leaders across the country are grappling with how to support schools and districts with the shift to the Common Core. We sat down with staff at the Louisiana Department of Education to learn more about their strategy and the keys to their success.

Torrey Palmer

Supporting Teachers and Students in Baltimore

This week’s violence in Baltimore emerged from the tragedy and injustice of Freddie Gray’s death, but also from generational poverty, inadequate social mobility, inequitable educational opportunities and a sense of oppression by the criminal justice system. In moments like this, teachers are called upon to not only educate, but also counsel and calm.

Richard Green

Pre-K For Some Kids Isn’t Enough

Providing quality pre-K opportunities is a matter of social justice. Until we expand pre-K access to all children, we’ll be perpetuating two systems of early learning separated by income and race.

Jocelyn Alter

ESEA Goes Further, But Not Necessarily Forward

The Senate’s latest attempt to update No Child Left Behind is gaining traction. While many changes will benefit districts and states, there remains work to be done in order for the bill to reflect the needs of our education system.

Patrick Byrnett

Bringing Stakeholders to the Policy Table

Too often, those who directly experience policy changes—educators, students and principals—have little influence in crafting them. When shaping new policies, it’s critical that policymakers solicit input from those most affected by them.

Brandy Fluker Oakley

Putting Instruction First, Even Now

In Philadelphia, a debate rages on about the future of the city's public schools. But inside one high school, a PhillyPLUS resident reflects on how teachers and students are making the best of what they have.

Ben Lewis

Success Academy Works For My Kid

TNTP CEO Ari Rozman is a Success Academy parent. Every parent should have the right to make choices about their child’s schooling, and every parent should have good options from which to choose—not just parents who can afford to do so, and not just those who win a charter school lottery.

Ariela Rozman

Diverse Teaching Teams for Diverse Schools

The UP Education Network in Massachusetts is known for bringing diverse teaching teams to their turnaround schools. We sat down with their recruitment director to learn more about the keys to their success and the challenges they face.

Leslie Gabbianelli

Sidestepping “Insider vs. Outsider”

A TNTPer found out that working in her own hometown doesn’t automatically make her the expert. She learned to build meaningful partnerships by focusing on a common goal: great teaching and student achievement.

Kristy Sullivan