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The Real Impact of Principal Turnover

A recent report breaks down how principal turnover affects students and schools. The headlines are important to consider as we work with partners to recruit, select and prepare new school leaders—and develop current ones.

Victoria Van Cleef

In Boston, Wicked Awesome Schools

Boston charter schools outpace their district and charter school peers in terms of student outcomes. In a new paper written in partnership with NewSchools Venture Fund, we explore key school leadership practices we think are contributing to those outstanding results.

Melissa Wu

Getting Past “Do Better Now”

A positive principal-teacher relationship serves as a model for everyone in a school's community. By investing early and often in trusting relationships, principals and teachers push each other to deliver the instruction students deserve.

Zachary Duberstein

Tackling School Turnarounds

At TNTP, we are beginning to dig deeper into the turnaround challenge and partner with districts to support more sustainable change in the schools that need it most.

Rasheed Meadows

Wanted: Transformational Leaders

With shifting staffing needs, districts must think outside the box of traditional recruitment tactics. In Indiana, a new partnership will attempt to attract great school leaders by allowing them to launch new schools with the flexibility of a charter and the district support of a state-run school.

Ian Scott

A Helpful Nudge on Teacher Evaluation

To argue evaluation reform is too complex and district specific for federal intervention is to misrepresent the feds' role in education reform. Through history, the Education Department has served as a national conscience on educational equity. Of late, they’ve challenged states to do better. That’s leadership we need.

Tequilla Brownie

Meet the President

Karolyn Belcher, TNTP’s current EVP of New Teacher Effectiveness, will replace Tim Daly as president of TNTP by summer 2015. Here, Karolyn talks about her lengthy experience in the classroom, why life at TNTP is never boring, and what she looks forward to as TNTP’s next president.

Editorial Staff

Leading TNTP Into the Next Era

Yesterday, we announced Ariela Rozman and Timothy Daly will transition out of their roles at TNTP by summer 2015. Two senior executives, Daniel Weisberg and Karolyn Belcher, will lead TNTP going forward. Here, Dan talks about his journey from law into education, what inspires him to come to work every day, and why TNTP's future excites him.

TNTP’s Leaders Pass the Baton

TNTP is embarking on a new strategy to grow its expertise and deepen its impact on public schools and students. As part of this strategy, CEO Ariela Rozman and President Tim Daly will transition out of their roles, passing the baton to senior TNTP leaders Dan Weisberg and Karolyn Belcher. Today, Tim and Ari reflect on 14 years at TNTP—and what lies ahead.