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The Bus to Rikers Island

The U.S. Attorney’s Office recently concluded conduct at Rikers Island violates the constitutional rights of adolescent inmates. Although it's vital that we make jails more humane, Rikers will continue to be a nightmarish place for youth unless we commit to providing them stronger attachments to school, and fairer discipline policies.

Dan Weisberg

Doubling Down On New York’s Education

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced an ambitious education policy agenda in his State of the State address. In many ways, New York is an exemplar of implementation gone wrong, but Cuomo's commitment could allow teachers and students to finally benefit from sound policy ideas.

Tim Daly

The Changing Role of the SEA

As many states have initiated ambitious policy reforms in the last few years, districts look to SEAs for help in implementing them. It's time for SEAs to be more than bureaucracies dedicated to compliance and enforcement, and instead be leaders and thought partners.

Jessica Conlon

Improving Teacher Evaluation in 2015

With the start of a new year comes new questions about the success—or failure—of evaluation reform to live up to its promise. While evaluation has come a long way, the vast majority of teachers still aren't getting the actionable feedback they deserve. Here are four big strategies for improving evaluation implementation in 2015.

Tequilla Brownie

Quality Classrooms for the Littlest Learners

Expanding access to early childhood education is something almost everyone can agree is a good thing. But pre-K alone won't set children on a path to success: All children must have access to high-quality early childhood learning experiences. What does that look like?

Kelly Kane

New York’s Tenure Laws Go to Court

Like Vergara v. California, Wright v. New York confronts a hard truth: laws put in place to protect teachers’ rights can sometimes hurt students. Do New York’s statutes making it nearly impossible to replace under-performing teachers hinder the state in delivering on its promise of a "sound education" for all?

Layla Avila

Bad Ideas Can Be Bipartisan, Too

With the reauthorization of ESEA on the table, proposals are flying, with particular debate around testing. These are critical questions to ask. But so far, many of the proposed answers—from across the ideological spectrum—have fallen short.

Tim Daly

A New Era for ESEA?

Will 2015 be the year we see new education legislation? Yesterday, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan sketched out his priorities for a new version of ESEA, including a continued commitment to higher standards and annual assessments, as well as increased access to pre-K and greater funding for schools.

Dan Weisberg

The Future of Teacher Pensions

The financial woes of teacher pensions make headlines these days, but more troubling is that they may not be providing attractive retirement benefits for today’s teachers. In 16 states, charter schools can opt out of state retirement plans. We looked at seven to find out what they did instead.

Elizabeth Ettema