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Inside a Fishman Winner’s Classroom

From a seat at the rug, we peek into 2014 Fishman Prize winner Laura Strait’s classroom. A positive classroom culture that builds her students’ self-esteem is just one of Ms. Strait's tools for success.

Chris Arnold

Weingarten Should Play By Her Own Rules

AFT president Randi Weingarten emphasizes “collaboration” between teachers’ unions and superintendents, while her organization bankrolls attack ads against a candidate in a close race for California state superintendent. It’s not the first time the AFT has failed to play by the rules they hold others to.

Ariela Rozman

Teachers Lead on Common Core

Despite the loud debate around Common Core, millions of educators are simply getting on with their work—new standards included. Aaron Grossman is a teacher leader who has found an innovative way to help his colleagues in Washoe County, Nevada adapt.

Stephanie Echeveste

A Guide to Discussing Teacher Prep

Since releasing Fast Start, the ideas behind our revamped approach to teacher preparation have resonated not only with those who prepare teachers, but with school leaders and their instructional teams. Today, we're sharing a new discussion guide to support more conversations on how to better prepare teachers.

Ana Menezes

A Teacher’s View on Tenure

In the months after Vergara v. California, one Los Angeles middle school teacher weighs in on the tenure debate. She argues that tenure should be awarded on the basis of performance, and that districts should save on more efficient dismissal hearings and spend more on teacher support and development.

Bootsie Battle-Holt

Don’t Keep Great Teaching a Secret

Great teaching shouldn't be kept secret: Today, download the current Fishman Prize winners' essay collection, Languages for Learning, and see what happens inside their classrooms. Now we're looking for the next group of winners, too—so nominate an outstanding teacher (or apply yourself) today.

Tim Daly

4 Things We’ve Learned Since The Widget Effect

After a week of principals, teachers and policy leaders reflecting on teacher evaluation five years post-The Widget Effect, here are some big takeaways to keep in mind for the next five.

Tim Daly

Where Evaluation Policy Stands

Joanne Weiss, Andy Smarick and Thomas Kane, three influential education policy voices, dissect policy changes around evaluation. They’ll discuss whether states or local districts should handle reform and explain the evolving data used to speak about evaluation since The Widget Effect.

Teaching Before and After IMPACT

Reflecting on the before and after of IMPACT, D.C. teacher Shira Fishman concludes a rigorous evaluation system, done well, can push teachers to accept constructive criticism, learn from colleagues and ultimately, become better.

Shira Fishman