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How Much For That Master’s Degree?

Rather than awarding automatic pay bumps to teachers with master's degrees, school districts need more flexibility to pay their teachers for the factors that really affect student learning.

Heather Barondess

Return to Sender

A recent personal attack on Randi Weingarten is a shameful example of a tactic that has become all too common in our debate about improving schools. If we are serious about the work at hand, it's time to reject these tactics and focus on what's best for students and teachers.

David Keeling

The Leader My Students Deserve

After twenty years as a teacher in Camden City School District, Janine Casella is training to become a school leader through CamdenPLUS—and she's reflecting on what kind of leader she wants to be in the city she considers home.

Janine Casella

If at First You Don’t Get Common Core…

As our Fast Start training has evolved, we've seen that new teachers need more support mastering Common Core-aligned instruction. Without straying from the core premise of Fast Start—focus on a few key strategies and practice, practice, practice— we're exploring new ways to get teachers ready for rigorous instruction from day one.

Meghan Church

A Better Back-to-School

School's back, and that means all over the country, teachers and students are gearing up for the year to come. We asked four alumni of our Teaching Fellows programs to share their top tips for getting the school year off to a strong start.

Mend, Don’t End, Teacher Tenure

Parents in New York are suing to overturn teacher tenure laws, and other states may soon face similar lawsuits. Here's why a middle ground between keeping tenure as-is and getting rid of it altogether would benefit teachers, students and the teaching profession.

Tim Daly

Fixing Tenure Doesn’t Mean Ending It

There's been a lot of talk lately about teacher tenure—and some states may soon face court orders to change their tenure laws. Today, we're releasing a short paper with eight recommendations for common-sense changes to current laws and regulations that we think will fix tenure without ending it.

Tim Daly

Coached and Now Coaching

In this Q&A, Rachel McClam, a 2012 Fishman Prize finalist, explains how despite being deemed a "good teacher" by her second year, she was hungry to learn more. So she moved to a school where she had access to regular feedback from a dedicated coach, and now she's coaching other teachers—while continuing to teach part-time.

The Limits of “Building” Teachers

In this review of Elizabeth Green's new book, Building a Better Teacher, Andy Jacob examines what the author gets right about teaching—and what she gets very wrong.

Andy Jacob