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Michelle Rhee and the High Price of Leadership

As a leader, Michelle Rhee has never been afraid to be a lightning rod. But when her critics turn her into a caricature of herself, instead of focusing on the real issues, it discourages the next generation of education leaders—of all stripes—from stepping up. And that's a loss for all of us.

David Keeling

Talking About Ferguson in the Classroom

As the nation heads back to school, many teachers will be talking with their students about the death of Michael Brown and about issues of racism, violence and injustice. Today we're sharing a resource from District of Columbia Public Schools, aimed at supporting teachers in those tough but critically important conversations.

Tim Daly

A Delay on Teacher Evaluations, But Not a Retreat

Education Secretary Arne Duncan may allow states to delay factoring student learning into teacher evaluations. So what happens next?

Tim Daly

TNTP’s Irreplaceables: Meet Layla Avila

Layla Avila took a chance on TNTP fifteen years ago, when she'd been teaching in Compton, CA and the organization was barely a start-up. Since then, she's led teacher pipeline programs from coast to coast and has helped TNTP grow, all while staying focused on the mission that inspired her from day one: a great teacher for every child.

Tim Daly

A Teacher Asks “What If…?”

Dwight Davis, a fifth-grade teacher in District of Columbia Public Schools, was one of four teachers to meet with President Obama and Secretary Duncan last month, to discuss a new initiative aimed at equal access to effective teachers. In this op-ed for The Hechinger Report, Mr. Davis challenges all educators and policy makers to keep asking, "What if...?"

Dwight Davis

Why a Vacancy Matters

The phrases "school staffing policies" and "human capital systems" sound cold and impersonal, but behind them are real students whose lives are affected by the presence (or absence) of great teachers. A TNTPer shares the story of how one student inspired him to work toward great teachers for every student.

Ryan Fowler

A Profession for My Generation

In this op-ed for the Commercial Appeal, a Memphis teacher reflects on the features his peers are looking for in their careers and argues that it's time to evolve the teaching profession, especially compensation systems and career pathways, to meet those needs.

Jonathan Alfuth

States Are Part of the Teacher Pay Problem

Teacher pay is determined at the district level, but states contribute to the problem, too—whether by enshrining lockstep pay in laws and regulations or just staying silent on the matter. Here are three steps state leaders can take to help districts build smarter compensation systems that truly pay great teachers what they're worth.

Berrick Abramson