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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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A Path to the Common Core

If learning to teach to the Common Core standards is like learning to cook a complicated dish, teachers need a recipe of sorts to help them succeed. We're evolving our Fast Start training to help new teachers get to the Common Core-aligned instruction they're aiming for.

Rachel Evans

Bigger Paychecks for Better Teachers

In this New York Daily News op-ed, teacher and Educators 4 Excellence member Chris Fazio responds to Shortchanged and writes that it's time to change how we pay teachers to retain and reward our best.

Chris Fazio

The Promise of a Great School Leader

Earlier this month, Secretary Duncan announced a new initiative to focus on the equitable distribution of great teachers across all 50 states. What role do great school leaders play in attracting and retaining high-performing teachers in the schools that need them most?

Kristy Sullivan

Coaching Mrs. Pierre

At Harshman Middle School in Indianapolis, every teacher—from novices to veterans—receives coaching. In this Q&A, coach Ashley Cowger talks with Mrs. Pierre, a highly effective teacher with 10 years' experience, about coaching veteran teachers and what they've learned from working with each other.

Ashley Cowger

The Truth About Teacher Pay

Conversations about teacher compensation tend to be filled with misunderstandings and misinformation. Following on the heels of our new paper, Shortchanged, we tackle some of the most common myths about performance-based teacher pay.

The Price of Great Teaching

Our new paper, Shortchanged: The Hidden Costs of Lockstep Teacher Pay, exposes the problems with how we pay teachers in this country, and offers principles for paying our best teachers more—and differently—to give great teaching the value it deserves.

Amanda Kocon

Embracing Our Own Big Data

We encourage the schools and districts we work with to do the hard work of using data to assess their progress towards goals, and we hold ourselves to the same standard. That's why we're embracing our inner data nerds and constantly collecting and using data of all kinds to inform our work and help us grow.

Cassandra Coddington, Rachel Langlais

Can Teachers Learn Grit?

To learn the many new skills they'll need to succeed in their classrooms, new teachers need the grit to persevere and make tough feedback helpful. As we implement our new approach to selecting and training teachers, we're also thinking about how to identify signs of grit early on and then develop it to drive growth.

Betsy Aronson

Changing the Game with School Design

If something as rooted in American tradition as baseball can change, can the traditional school model do the same? We’re chewing on three key questions as we consider how to support the adaptation and development of school design to better serve students.

Ben Jackson