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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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The TNTP Core Rubric in Action

Teachers and school leaders across the country who have downloaded the TNTP Core Teaching Rubric tell us that they like what they see, and many are piloting and modifying the tool to use in their teacher evaluation systems.

David Malbin

I Choose to Teach

2013 Fishman Prize winner Jennifer Corroy considers how the language we use to describe teaching affects students’ perceptions of the profession, and encourages fellow teachers to refine their words and share their voices. 

Jennifer Corroy Porras

Room to Grow for Teacher Prep

This year’s National Council on Teacher Quality Teacher Prep Review includes alternative certification programs, and two TNTP Teaching Fellows programs are in the mix. Despite some opportunities to sharpen its evaluative lens, the report continues to push forward an important conversation about how all prep providers, including us, still have room to grow.

Karolyn Belcher

The Principal and the Parents

PhillyPLUS resident Jessica Ramos will be taking over as principal of her school in the fall after parents and community members rallied together to support her candidacy. Jessica’s success demonstrates a pattern among highly successful school leaders in low-income communities: By focusing on the individual children in their schools and forging strong, collaborative relationships with parents, they’re able to build positive school cultures.

Kate Sobel

The Real Lesson of Vergara

The verdict’s in for Vergara vs. California, and the decision makes clear that the priority is finding the right balance between job protections for teachers and students' access to great teachers. It will take some time to see real policy changes from the decision, but here are four common-sense changes we hope state leaders will make to serve both teachers and students.

Dan Weisberg, Tim Daly

10 Awards for Great Teachers

We believe it's essential to recognize the work of our nation's best teachers, and we know we're not alone. Here are 10 of our favorite awards and fellowships that seek to celebrate great teaching and amplify the voices of practicing educators across the country.

Editorial Staff

Once a Welder, Now a Teacher

We've partnered with Tennessee's Department of Education to bring practitioners of technical fields into Career and Technical Education (CTE) classrooms through an intensive training program. It’s a part of the state’s effort to provide students with courses that combine hands-on learning with academic rigor—and they're getting promising results so far.

Jennifer Heuertz

For Top Teachers, Hire Early

Shelby County Schools in Memphis is promoting a few key strategies for early hiring to help its schools secure top teachers. It’s a model that others can follow to help students get the best teachers.

Emily Tomes, Jamie Heath, Nichole Cooley