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Higher Standards—Just Not for Teachers

Randi Weingarten recently acknowledged that her real concern about the Common Core isn't the standards themselves, but the tests attached to them. In a refreshing moment of honesty in the Common Core debate, it's clear that the unions' real issue isn't raising the bar for students, but holding their members accountable for meeting that bar.

Andy Jacob

My Classroom, Not My Island

A veteran educator explains how teacher-led professional development inspires her work in the classroom and why more such opportunities should exist to help teachers support each other.

Tai Basurto

60 Years After Brown v. Board of Ed

Kaya Henderson, DC Public Schools Chancellor, shares the story of a family who had to risk it all to change history. On the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision, she also asks if we’ve lived up to the standard set by the heroes of the case.

Kaya Henderson

Meet the Fishman Winners!

Out of more than 800 applicants, four exceptional teachers who have demonstrated extraordinary success in schools serving low income families have emerged as winners of this year's Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice. Hear from their school leaders and colleagues about what makes these teachers so good.

Evaluation’s Week in the News

Two recent studies raise worthwhile questions about different measures of teacher evaluations. But news coverage of them has overlooked or misinterpreted some important details, so here’s what you need to know.

Cassandra Coddington, Erin Grogan

Denver Aims High for Shared Leadership

An innovative pilot program in Denver Public Schools allows expert teachers to share leadership duties in their schools by supporting fellow teachers. The program has strong potential to help keep great teachers while providing their school leaders and colleagues with important help.

Heather Barondess

Teacher Appreciation All Year

DC teacher Shira Fishman, who the Fishman Prize is named for, explains how true teacher appreciation means creating opportunities for great ones to be treated as experts in their field and platforms for their voices to be heard.

Shira Fishman

Building a More Diverse Reform Movement

Top leaders in education rocked a crowd at last week’s NewSchools Venture Fund Summit with a panel conversation about race and education reform. They challenged audience members to move beyond words and take action to include more diverse voices.

Tequilla Brownie

A Career Path for Every Great Teacher

Teaching is a dynamic and constantly evolving job, and teachers' career paths should reflect that. A veteran Boston teacher who participated in our "Perspectives of Irreplaceable Teachers" project reflects on how growth opportunities have kept him in the profession.

Paul Friedmann