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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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Catch a Movie with TNTP

We're looking for more opportunities to share the stories of real teachers in hopes of inspiring others to join them. This week, we invite you to watch TEACH, a new film that follows the trials and successes of four teachers.

Hayley Downs

Regulations That Walk the Walk

New regulations on the horizon from the federal Education Department will likely set a clearer standard of quality for teacher prep programs—and ensure that all teachers receive the high-quality preparation they deserve.

Patrick Byrnett

North Carolina, Your Teachers Are Worth More

North Carolina is enacting bold reforms that have the potential to reshape the teaching profession there. But these policy changes need to be accompanied by a strong focus on retaining and rewarding high-performing teachers to truly move the profession forward.

Amanda Kocon

By “Common,” We Mean Equity

A former Teaching Fellow explains what Common Core looks like in her high school history classes and why it's important that all students are given equally rigorous academic standards.

Michelle Morrissey

The Springtime Teacher Shuffle

Every spring large urban school districts put many of their teachers in limbo as administrators juggle budgets and enrollment numbers. It's a chaotic process that could be alleviated by three strategies to support effective teachers.

Joseph Hettler

Who’s in Charge Here?

TNTP's CEO explains how she and our president support each other while focusing on separate roles based on their strengths. Co-leadership has its challenges, but it can work well under the right circumstances.

Ariela Rozman

Inflated Ratings Don’t Make the Grade

Indiana is the most recent state to implement an improved teacher evaluation system, but continue to see inflated ratings. Here are some concrete steps that states and districts can take to ensure that these tools provide accurate information about teacher performance.

Ian Scott

Can Better Questions Lead to Better Teachers?

Computer-based interviews might sound a little sci-fi, but they could also provide a more robust picture of teaching candidates and encourage diversity. They're one of the ideas we're exploring as we constantly refine our selection process for TNTP Teaching Fellows. ​

Jessica Cardullo

Our Top 10

To celebrate the first birthday of the TNTP Blog, we're sharing our top ten posts.