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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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Stand Tall, John King

We stand by New York's education chief, who has refused to buckle under union pressure to retreat from new standards that would raise the bar for students and teachers.

Tim Daly

For a New Teacher, a Fast Start

A TNTP Teaching Fellow in Baltimore shares a day in her life during pre-service training, full of focused, hands-on practice in the essential skills she’ll need on day one.

Focusing on a Fast Start

We overhauled our teacher prep so new teachers master a focused set of essential skills through hands-on practice and coaching. Our new report shares what we've learned.

Karolyn Belcher

Putting Common Core Tests to the Test

As the new, Common Core-aligned assessments go into field testing, implementation is sure to be messy. But the tests offer important improvements on the standardized testing models we've seen in the past, so it's critical to stay focused on the long game.

Sam Firke

Why Common Core Can’t Wait

A bill in New York threatens to place a moratorium on stakes tied to Common Core-aligned assessments. Two local teachers, members of Educators 4 Excellence, explain how Common Core has changed their classrooms and why they don't want to go back.

Discipline and Diversity

Students of color are removed from class for behavior at a higher rate than their peers. New federal guidance on student discipline is a start, but teachers also need to be better trained to manage classrooms fairly and effectively.

Anashay Wright

Fixing the Right Retention Crisis

Recent discussions of a turnover crisis in New York City have focused on the number of teachers leaving. But we need to know if excellent teachers are walking out the door or if low-performing ones are staying if we’re going to fix the real issue.

Ariela Rozman

What Does Great Teaching Look Like?

Not every successful classroom looks the same, but they do share elements—like engagement and clear goals—that can be easily identified. Here are five that focus on what students are doing to reveal effective teaching in action.

Brittany Jacobs

Paperwork Does Not a Teacher Make

To earn or renew a teaching license, teachers waste time on paperwork that ignores what’s most important: their performance in the classroom. States should shift the focus away from unproductive requirements to attract and support effective teachers.

Berrick Abramson