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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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Unleashing Leadership in Camden

We're partnering with Camden City School District to develop local educators into strong instructional leaders. CamdenPLUS Residents will participate in a rigorous, hands-on training program, with a focus on supporting teachers and helping all students learn.

Tonya Horton

It Takes Two

In a departure from passive instructional coaching models of the past, coaching in the TNTP Teaching Fellows program has been revamped to take a more active approach. Two teachNOLA coaches reflect on how this model has changed the way they support teacher development.

Tieal Hollimon, Meredith Cotter

Union Leaders Put Common Core in the Cold

The NEA has joined the AFT in threatening to withdraw support for the Common Core. Make no mistake: While change is never easy, this has nothing to do with supposed "botched" implementation—and everything to do with avoiding accountability.

Tim Daly

The Ripple Effect

New research shows that Bloomberg-era education policies have improved student outcomes in New York City—and offered economic benefits for students and neighborhoods, too. The findings add to a growing body of evidence that illustrates the real-world impact of better teaching and learning.

Kate McGovern

You’re Going to Need a Smaller Rubric

Classroom observations are failing to accurately evaluate teachers and provide them with useful feedback—and overstuffed rubrics are part of the problem. TNTP's Common Core-aligned rubric puts the focus on classroom content and how students are handling it.

Tim Daly

Fixing the Culture of Testing

A new study on time schools spend on testing finds plenty of variety, especially when it comes to prep. This addition to an emotion-fueled argument is welcome, and points to this conclusion: The trouble with testing isn't the tests themselves, but whether schools resort to a culture of testing.

David Keeling

Sending Teachers Back to Class

New York City has a $144 million problem on its hands: the Absent Teacher Reserve. Everyone agrees we should stop paying teachers not to teach, but Mayor de Blasio must not return to the bad old days of forced placements for teachers with poor track records.

Dan Weisberg

California’s Students Get Their Day in Court

Decades-old policies that shield ineffective teachers from dismissal are under fire in a California courtroom, thanks to a class-action suit led by nine students asserting their right to an equal education. We have all lost when low-income students must sue the adults in charge.

Dan Weisberg

Better Wages and Better Schools

With Congress set to debate the minimum wage in 2014, TNTP President Tim Daly argues that fighting poverty and improving schools—together—is our best hope for ensuring that every child has the opportunity to succeed.

Tim Daly