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What Should Kids Learn in School?

Schools can play a big role in instilling values and traits that help students succeed—and some are taking on this challenge head-on. This work starts with a question: What should children get out of their schools?

Sam Firke

The Implementation Dodge

AFT president Randi Weingarten's recent reversals on Common Core standards and value-added teacher evaluations are representative of a troubling pattern of policy flip-flopping that is putting politics ahead of school improvement and undermining progress.

Dan Weisberg, Tim Daly

On the Path to School Leadership

As Philadelphia's first and only local alternative route to school leadership certification, PhillyPLUS is preparing its residents to dive into full-time instructional leadership roles. Jessica Ramos talks to us about her experience as a resident.

New Teacher Paths in HISD

A pilot program in Houston is offering new paths for great teachers who want to advance their careers, by providing leadership roles that don't require them to leave the classroom.

Ben Jackson

A New Recipe for Teacher Recruitment

DC Public Schools is a unique place to work, and needed to tell that story to the high-performing teachers it needs to fulfill its vision. A new recruitment campaign offers a roadmap that any district or school network can follow.

Liz Vidyarthi

Standing Strong in New York

Leaders in New York State are sticking to their guns on teacher evaluation and the Common Core, despite political pressure from union leaders on the left and Tea Party conservatives on the right.

Dan Weisberg

The 2014 State Policy To-Do List

Education policy at the state level has moved out of the past, but there's still more to be done for the future. From transforming teacher preparation to giving the boot to LIFO, here are four top priorities for state policymakers in 2014.

Berrick Abramson

The Facts Need a Champion

Data show that reform efforts are slowly but surely improving outcomes for kids. With anti-testing and anti-accountability rhetoric ringing loud and clear, it's time to speak up about the need for sustained change.

Dan Weisberg