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TNTP’s Favorite Thinkers Review 2013

There's a lot to say about 2013, so we asked a dozen of the most interesting people in education to reflect on the most important development of the year, and what they think is likely to happen next.

Tim Daly

Work-Life Balance for Teachers

Striking a reasonable work-life balance can seem like a steep challenge for many teachers. Our Fishman Prize winners have found a few simple strategies that have worked for them—things school leaders and teachers can do right away.

Melissa Wu

Teaching Classroom Management

When new teachers practice proven strategies, they build a strong foundation for student learning and their own growth. But a new report found that teacher-prep programs don't teach essential skills, and few include practice and direct feedback as part of their training.

Ana Menezes

Making the Transition to Common Core

In Baltimore, we're applying what we've learned from our hands-on classroom management training in a new literacy course for teachers, which focuses on the the concrete skills, resources and opportunities to practice with colleagues that they'll need to transition to the Common Core.

Liz Cutrona

Building the School Leadership Ladder

A new report finds that districts lack strategies to develop the next generation of school leaders, including by failing to leverage the teacher-leader roles that could help build a sorely needed cadre of principals. Our work in Philadelphia provides one possible way forward.

Ariela Rozman

The Oak Park Dilemma

Inspired, high-performing schools are the cornerstones of their suburban towns. But a close look at achievement in Chicago's suburbs reveals mediocre outcomes for low-income and African-American students, especially compared to strong schools in the heart of the city.

Tim Daly

What if Questioning Were the Answer?

A tale of two Chicagos gets complicated when a Fishman Prize winner shows how sometimes schools in “bad neighborhoods” do a very good job under challenging circumstances. Meanwhile, “good” schools may not always be good for every student who attends.

Tim Daly