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TNTP Re-imagine Teaching
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The Right (and Left) Place for Action

Looking for bipartisan policy wins? Then look no further than the country's state houses, where Republicans and Democrats are finding plenty of common ground on education. Legislators outside the beltway are adopting bold reforms.

Berrick Abramson

Greetings from the Shoe Leather Department

Ten years ago, TNTP published a report that changed our organization in a permanent way. We just wanted to disprove what we saw as widely believed myths with rich data; instead, Missed Opportunities caused us to make policy research a core component of our work.

Tim Daly

The Earlier, the Better

A decade ago, a tangle of policies and practices prevented many city schools from hiring teachers until weeks or days before the school year began. In the decade since we published "Missed Opportunities," school leaders have made great strides toward hiring teachers early. Today, a Memphis principal reflects on the benefits.

Missed Opportunities, 10 Years Later

When we published "Missed Opportunities" in 2003, teacher shortages in urban districts were assumed to be caused by a dearth of qualified applicants. But we quickly discovered that that was not true—and there were things districts could do to hire top candidates.

Victoria Van Cleef

Retiring the Vapid Education Vocabulary

In the arena of public debate, education debates have devolved into "corporate reformers" versus the "status quo." Almost none of the vocabulary is broadly accurate, and the constant misrepresentation of ideas has so dumbed down the conversation, we can't talk honestly.

Tim Daly

Putting Classroom Observations on a Diet

Teacher evaluation reform and Common Core implementation seem like separate challenges, but they are two sides of the same coin. In a new paper, we recommend adopting new, streamlined classroom observation rubrics, to help support teachers as they transition to the Common Core.

David Malbin

Ending the Teacher Hostage Crisis

For decades, the teaching profession has relied on a work now, pay later system: low salaries up front, based on promised raises for sticking around and eventual pension payouts. In the face of unfunded pension liabilities, this is an increasingly bad deal for teachers.

Amanda Kocon

Fishman: More Than a Prize

The Fishman Prize does more than just honor exceptional teachers. As a 2013 winner explains, it provides an opportunity to learn and grow, and challenges winners to articulate what makes their practice effective, and then share that vision with a wide audience.

Javier Velazquez

The First Quarter of Reform

A new report by NCTQ shows just how far evaluation policy reform has come since we published The Widget Effect four years ago. But better policies are just the start: putting them into practice will require a significant cultural shift, and great deal of work on the ground.

David Keeling