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IMPACT: A Teacher’s View

New research is showing that IMPACT, an innovative teacher evaluation, development and compensation system in Washington, D.C., is having positive effects on teacher performance. What's it like to work in such a system? We spoke with veteran D.C. teacher Shira Fishman.

The Sky Is (Still) Not Falling

Critics have stoked widespread worry, but new results from teacher evaluations in New York put hardly any jobs in jeopardy. It is too early to draw sweeping conclusions about how changes to evaluations will play out, but the debate needs to reflect new evidence.

Dan Weisberg

A Path for Irreplaceables

Achievement First is sculpting its schools around its values. A new Teacher Career Pathway gives top-performing teachers feedback, recognition and rewards, so they can advance their careers while continuing to work in the classroom.

Talking IMPACT With DCPS

A new study shows that DCPS' evaluation system is helping teachers improve. Jason Kamras, a DCPS leader and former district teacher, walks us through what's working and what pitfalls to avoid.

Alt-Route Bogeymen

We've seen a spate of nasty criticism for alternate-route teacher prep programs recently. Enough shadowy conspiracy theories and baseless insults. We expect a better discussion.

David Keeling

The Tea Party Comes to New York

In New York, teachers unions are taking a page from the Tea Party's playbook to try to delay improvements to teacher evaluations and threaten the Common Core standards. Will these tactics work any better here than they did in Washington, D.C.?

Tim Daly

The Positive Impact of IMPACT

A new study finds that the controversial teacher evaluation system in Washington, D.C. is helping teachers improve—and that the fears of many critics simply haven’t materialized.

Dan Weisberg

Classroom Quarterbacks

Just like quarterbacks, we can't predict whether teachers will be good at their jobs until we actually see them at work. And just like professional sports training camps, we need to make sure teacher preparation programs focus on the things that strengthen performance: intense practice, coaching, and assessment.

Tim Daly

Less Guessing, More Assessing

There are important characteristics that candidates need in order to be successful Teaching Fellows, like an ability to apply feedback quickly and the belief that teachers can change students' lives. That's why we're changing our selection process to better identify potential candidates.

Sheryl Linsky Adam