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Meet Javier Velazquez

The art, craft and profession of teaching according to Javier Velazquez, a 2013 Fishman Prize winner and incredibly effective math teacher working in the turnaround schools of Chicago, his hometown.

Berrick Abramson

My Perspective on Teacher Training

As part of our Perspectives project, we're gathering the opinions of teachers across the country. Today, a DCPS teacher describes just how important hands-on practice and observing excellence is to teacher development.

Wagma Mommandi

Testing. Kind of Like Vegetables.

Parents and teachers hold similarly moderate views when it comes to standardized tests, finding them pretty useful overall. Those were the views expressed in a new AP/NORC poll, as well as our Perspectives of Irreplaceable Teachers survey.

Andy Jacob

Fishman Winners Go to Washington

Four amazing teachers head to Washington, D.C., to talk education policy and share their view from the classroom with heavy-hitters inside the beltway. The hunger for teachers' perspectives never fails to amaze us–and them.

David Keeling

Ask a Question, Get 117 Answers

It’s clear that we all need to pay a lot more attention to our nation’s best teachers. In our new paper, Perspectives of Irreplaceable Teachers, we share the diverse opinions of 117 of them, to kick off what needs to be a continuing conversation.

David Keeling

Bursting the Rating Bubble

Principals often overestimate the quality of instruction their teachers are providing. It's a serious problem: while professional judgment is indispensable, when it is inaccurate, it can do more harm than good. We've found several ways to help principals assess performance accurately.

Regan Kelly

New Scores in New York

Results from new New York State tests aligned to the Common Core are as expected. But lower proficiency rates don't mean less student learning; instead, they reflect a higher, more accurate and more meaningful standard, applied to tests that are not merely more difficult, but much improved.

Tim Daly

How Hands-on Coaching Works

Developing our Teaching Fellows into effective teachers means maximizing every moment. Our hands-on coaching model provides Fellows with direct feedback and specific instruction on essential skills, along with guided practice, until they learn to hit their mark.

Ana Menezes

One to Watch: DC Public Schools

DC Public Schools is the first urban district to retain more of its best teachers and fewer of its worst. Now, the district is celebrating positive news about student achievement.

Tim Daly