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No More Zombie Teachers

Late-night lesson planning is almost a rite of passage for new teachers. But what if all first-year teachers started out with units in hand and instead could focus on delivering rigorous and effective instruction?

Liz Cutrona

What Would a Real Teaching Career Look Like?

In most places, the only upward mobility for teachers is to move into administration. It's high time to create a new teaching profession, where the bar to advance is high, but the opportunities to build and grow are plentiful–without leaving the classroom behind.

Amanda Kocon

What’s the Use of Student Surveys?

If you’re trying to get an accurate sense of a teacher’s classroom, asking students about their experience is common sense. But can teachers and principals actually put those insights to use? This past year, we started to find out, by surveying students of 700 teachers in four cities.

Jessica Swanson

Knocking Heads on Class Size

Education policy debates are often polarized and oversimplified. Take class size: while unmanageable sizes need to be dealt with, lowering sizes across the board can do as much harm as good. Personal points of view can add even more nuance, leading us to politely knock heads.

Victoria Van Cleef, Dan Weisberg

In the Hot Seat

It's not enough to be a good teacher—we've got to get to great. So once our Teaching Fellows get comfortable, we push them out of their comfort zone and inspire them to reach even higher. Enter the Hot Seat Challenge.

Ashley Cowger

On the Town, Fishman-Style

We kicked off our 2013 Fishman Prize residency with a whirlwind visit to New York City, where our winners met with local leaders and shared their thoughts on how to help students learn from their mistakes and know when someone is "college-ready."

David Keeling

One to Watch: Foundation Academies

Last year, Foundation Academies faced a wake-up call after losing nearly half of its teachers in just a few months. In response, leaders have quickly shored up their thriving schools with a competitive workplace advantage: a new way for talented teachers to earn a big paycheck, fast.

Melissa Wu

Go Bold

In considering progress in K-12 education, we should always balance the risk of moving ahead with the urgent need to do better. The debate should never be about the need for dramatic change, but about how quickly we can launch it.

Dan Weisberg