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Keeping KIPP’s Irreplaceables

What's a big priority for the nation's largest and most acclaimed charter network? Keeping its best teachers. When KIPP wanted to learn how to do better, its leaders took a smart approach: they read our report, and asked a group of exceptional teachers what would help them stay longer.

This American Life: Irreplaceables Edition

An exceptional teacher talks about his plans to leave the profession. Why is he leaving? He says he can't afford to stay.

David Keeling

Irreplaceables: Hits and Misses

In The Irreplaceables, we made the case that education leaders need to start asking not just whether they’re keeping enough teachers, but whether they’re keeping the right teachers. Nearly a year later, some are taking action—but too many are not.

Tim Daly

Forward Motion in Tennessee

A new proposal in Tennessee would base teachers' licenses on their performance in the classroom. The state is fast becoming one of the best examples in the country of what a comprehensive, sustained commitment to great teaching looks like.

Dan Weisberg

Getting Off to a Fast Start

Our Teaching Fellows are spending their summer in the classroom, practicing the critical skills they'll need to start their first year of teaching strong.

Ana Menezes

Teacher Prep Gets an F

A sweeping review of teacher prep has found widespread failure, from student selection to training to tracking graduates' success. It should be a call to arms for the field. We all need to be pushed.

Tim Daly

Giant Leaps

Contrary to popular belief, some early-career teachers are amazing from the get-go. These three teachers are living examples of early excellence—and we expect them to grow for years to come.

Erin Grogan

One to Watch: Clark County, Nevada

Districts and unions don't always get along. But in Clark County, officials have built a strong, collaborative relationship based on their mutual belief that the current teacher evaluation system is broken.

Monica Vasquez

Ask the Kids

Of the many roles teachers play, advancing student learning is the most important. But academic outcomes are not the whole story.

Tim Daly