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Let Me Put a Bug in Your Ear

We're using bug-in-ear coaching in Indiana and seeing positive results. By coaching teachers while they are actually teaching a class, we're able to give feedback when it matters most and rescue a struggling lesson before it goes too far off track.

Ashley Cowger

A Deadline on Evaluations in NYC

We've signed on to a wishlist for a strong new teacher evaluation system in New York City. It's been sent to NY State Education Commissioner John King, who may have to impose a new system if negotiations fail again this week.

In Philadelphia, a New Path to School Leadership

We're training Philadelphia educators to step up and become school leaders through a new hands-on residency program. It's a new challenge for our aspiring principals, and for us. We know it will be interesting - and that it will be a lot of hard work.

Kate Sobel

Tennessee Teachers Speak Up

People tend to declare imminent disaster when new evaluation systems arrive. But don't jump to conclusions - in Tennessee, where ambitious reforms have moved especially quickly, teachers are saying that things are working well.

Tequilla Brownie

By the Company It Keeps: Daly Edition

TNTP President Tim Daly talks with the Fordham Institute about Leap Year, teacher certification, spreadsheets and baseball.

Our Fantastic Fishman Four

It's the best week of the year: the week when we announce the winners of the Fishman Prize. But we don't just "announce" the winners - we celebrate them.

Tim Daly

Go Ahead, Work in Your Pajamas

We're virtual: one out of three TNTPers works at a district or school, and almost everyone else works from a home office. Being virtual helps us better understand our clients and keep talented staff over the long haul, and we've learned how to make it work well.

Ariela Rozman

They’re Teachers, Not Missionaries

The assertion that teachers do not go into the profession “for the money,” assumes that they are not like other professionals. And it prevents us from creating the kind of profession that will attract and retain high performers.

Amanda Kocon

View from the Winners’ Circle

Great teachers have a lot to say about their practice, their profession and their view from the classroom. Our 2012 Fishman Prize winners share their reflections, including what it's like when someone asks you to speak up.