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One to Watch: Houston

Houston is quietly attempting one of the boldest sets of reforms in the country, by making hiring, developing and retaining great teachers the district’s top priority.

Dan Weisberg

Don’t Put the Brakes on Teacher Evaluation

Tying teacher evaluations to the Common Core State Standards will require significant change. But we must not delay or derail national efforts to make student learning a bigger factor in teacher evaluations and ensure the new standards are taken seriously.

Tim Daly

Why Don’t More Kids Cheat?

Should the Atlanta cheating scandal lead to a broad retreat from high standards for academic progress? We teach students every day that having something at stake is not an excuse for cheating or dishonesty.

Tim Daly

Let’s Go to the Tape

Video has the potential to transform teacher development. But without the right approach, it may become just another gimmick. The value isn’t in the technology – the value is in the intersection of technology and expertise.

Karla Oakley

From Old School to Leap Year

Our experience in linking certification and classroom performance is exciting, not only because it has made our teachers and programs stronger, but because we believe it has broader implications for the field of teacher preparation.

Karolyn Belcher

Making the First Year a Leap Year

We have radically evolved the way we train and evaluate new teachers over the last few years, becoming one of the first organizations to certify them based mainly on their actual performance in the classroom. Now we're sharing what we learned in a new report.

Tim Daly

In School Reform, Chicago Finds Shades of Gray

Most Chicagoans want change. . . with reservations. They are not aligned with any dogmatic point of view. But they are frustrated with what they see as a lack of progress.

Tim Daly

A Win for Great Teaching in Memphis

Changing policy is hard. Even when you finally get the policy changes you want, implementing them so they produce their intended effects is even harder. That’s the challenge in Memphis now, after a decade of hard work and a new, groundbreaking set of human capital policies.

Victoria Van Cleef

Welcome to the TNTP Blog!

TNTP is starting a blog. After years of resisting the urge, we recently decided the time was right for us to join the fray. We want to spotlight promising practices and share what we’re learning, as we’re learning it.

Ariela Rozman