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Frequently Asked Questions

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What level of detail do I need to include in the project proposal? 

Your project proposal should be a 500-word, top-level overview of your idea for reimagining the school experience for young men of color. It does not need to be a fully-formed plan, but it should lay out a promising solution with a clear practical application to public schools. Your application should also explain how your professional and personal experience positions you to advance this project with TNTP. The specifics of the project will be built out during the fellowship itself, in collaboration with a TNTP mentor.

I have a background in education. Am I eligible to apply?

Absolutely. We welcome leaders from both inside and outside of education. Maybe you’re a teacher who wants to take a promising practice in your school and scale it nationwide. Or maybe you have relevant experience from another sector. Either way, we’re looking for a track record of innovation and a passion for creating new opportunities for African-American and Latino youth.

What resources will I have to develop my project?

Bridge Fellows can draw on considerable resources to develop their project, including dedicated time for independent research, focused mentorship from TNTP’s leadership, access to TNTP’s knowledge base, collaboration with TNTP staff and experts in the field, and direct exposure to a wide range of schools and districts. You will also have $10,000 to use on professional development and travel, including conferences, school visits, and other learning opportunities to sharpen your idea.

Does this fellowship lead to full-time employment at TNTP?

Potentially. Bridge Fellows who perform well may be invited to pilot their project with our clients or be considered along with other candidates for any open positions as a full-time TNTP Partner. Employment opportunities will depend on a number of factors, including Fellows’ professional interests and available positions.

When would I receive the $100,000 stipend?

The stipend is prorated over the course of the year and paid out in bimonthly installments. Bridge Fellows also receive comprehensive benefits, including medical, dental and vision plans, flexible spending account options, 20 days of paid time off, and an additional $10,000 to be used toward professional development and work-related travel. 

Are Bridge Fellows required to work out of TNTP's central office in Brooklyn, NY? 

No. Fellows can work out of a home office anywhere in the U.S. or from TNTP’s office. Fellows should also expect to travel about 40 percent of the year.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen to apply?

No, however, regardless of citizenship status, you must be able to provide proof that you are employment eligible. There are many types of documents that can be used to show your authorization to work in the U.S., including various types of work visas. If you have questions, please contact us.