The right feedback helps teachers get better, faster. The Great Teaching, Great Feedback online program gives teachers individual support to take their teaching to the next level.

Every school leader needs extra hours in the day. Great Teaching, Great Feedback helps schools and districts give teachers additional feedback, without adding capacity.

How It Works

Teachers record and upload short classroom videos to the Great Teaching, Great Feedback portal and receive concrete strategies from TNTP-trained reviewers, exceptional educators with subject-matter experience. Districts and schools can use Great Teaching, Great Feedback to target specific skills they want their teachers to achieve proficiency in or develop.

What Teachers Get

Feedback comes fast, within two to three days. For each video, teachers receive:

  • A “3 for 3”: The 3 most valuable strategies to implement in their classroom in the next 3 days. Download a sample>
  • A “Going Strong”: The teacher’s key strengths 
  • Reviewer comments and feedback embedded in the lesson video
  • Ratings on the district rubric or the TNTP rubric

What School and District Leaders Get

  • Implementation support from TNTP to help encourage teacher participation
  • Aggregate performance data and improvement trends with the participation of at least 30 teachers

Our Reviewers

Great Teaching, Great Feedback reviewers are experienced, highly-trained educators with relevant subject-matter expertise. Their reviews are regularly calibrated for quality and consistency.

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