What We Do

Supply Strong New Teachers

To put an excellent teacher in every classroom, schools and districts need a steady infusion of new talent. We prepare strong new teachers, and help schools attract and hire great people.

Our Approach

We recruit and train strong new teachers. TNTP attracts new talent—particularly for high-need subjects—and pioneers new training. Through initiatives like the Teaching Fellows, TNTP prepares teachers to hit the ground running in challenging classrooms, with intensive practice and expert coaching on teaching essentials. Once in the classroom, we give new teachers the feedback and support to master core skills in their first year, and hold the nation's highest bar for certification.

We help schools and districts hire top talent. TNTP makes teacher hiring a core priority. We improve recruiting and hiring processes and prioritize quality, so districts can fill their vacancies earlier and draw from a large pool of talented candidates. Whether we’re recruiting teachers, coaching principals on hiring, working with district Human Resources staff or shaping district policies, we ensure that districts consistently hire the best person for the job.

"TNTP year after year brings us the best of the best teacher candidates. Their recruitment and selection model is geared towards bringing teachers that truly make a difference." Chicago Public Schools

In Action

New York: Flooding a District with Talent > ˅

In 2000, New York City faced a chronic teacher shortage. More than 11,000 uncertified teachers—or 1 in 6 teachers—worked in the nation's largest district, predominantly in low-income schools.

To attract more qualified new teachers, TNTP and the NYC Department of Education launched the New York City Teaching Fellows program in 2000.

The selective program recruits talented people from all walks of life, trains them to teach critical subjects such as math, science and special education. Fellows are also highly diverse: Fully two-thirds of 2013 NYC Fellows were people of color.

More than 18,000 NYC Fellows have joined city schools since 2001, replacing uncertified teachers and transforming teacher quality. Together, they account for one-fifth of the city’s math, science and special education teachers. Unlike many other districts, New York no longer struggles to find high-quality math teachers.

And a decade later, Fellows continue to shape city schools: some 400 have assumed leadership roles as principals and administrators.

New Orleans: Rebuilding a School System > ˅

New Orleans schools have followed a dramatic arc: from failure and flood, to rebirth and reinvention. At every step, TNTP has powered the transformation with top teacher talent.

In 2001, TNTP became the first non-university to certify new teachers in Louisiana, preparing 3,000 teachers for challenging classrooms. The training model is radically simple: focused practice of key skills and a high bar to earn certification. Year after year, studies show it produces some of the state’s most effective teachers.

After Katrina, TNTP launched teachNOLA, attracting nearly 600 new and veteran teachers to the devastated city. Two years later, TNTP further expanded recruitment, helping principals in the Louisiana Recovery School District (RSD) fill hundreds of teacher vacancies each fall.

By 2010, 96 percent of New Orleans public schools employed a teachNOLA teacher and every RSD school started the year fully staffedan influx of talent that has been instrumental to the rebirth of the city’s schools and the extraordinary gains of its students.

Memphis: Transforming Teacher Hiring > ˅

Hiring a teacher is the most important instructional decision a school can make. Yet when TNTP started working with Memphis City Schools in 2004, teacher hiring was deeply dysfunctional.

At the time, hiring a teacher took months and neither teachers nor principals had much say. While qualified teachers wanted to work in Memphis, a web of red tape kept them away. The impact on teacher quality was devastating: With every month that went by, the pool of available candidates dwindled.

TNTP stepped in to staff city schools, helping the district expedite hiring and training principals to make strategic hiring decisions. And as TNTP filled individual vacancies—up to 1,600 a year by 2010—we also helped district leaders rethink staffing policies globally.

By 2013, Memphis had adopted the most progressive set of teacher staffing policies in the nation. Today, hiring a teacher in Memphis takes just 10 days—and every single hire is made with input from teachers and principals.

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