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It’s clear that great schools have cultures that foster great teaching, but it’s less clear how to create that environment. Instructional Culture Insight, a diagnostic tool, distills teacher feedback into a clear roadmap to a stronger school culture. More than 300 schools are using Insight to build a workplace where teachers thrive – and students excel.

Since 2009, TNTP has worked with high-performing schools nationwide to understand how the best principals manage their teachers, and to help other schools achieve the same. 

Built on survey data from more than 11,000 teachers, Instructional Culture Insight breaks down complex school culture into discrete parts, giving school and district leaders the clarity they need to build the workplace that teachers deserve.

Clarity: Making Change Concrete

Many elements contribute to a successful school culture, but three matter most: a common vision of great teaching, clear expectations for effective instruction, and a commitment to developing teachers. 

The Index, a score based on those three elements, reliably compares schools of all types: district or charter, preschool or high school. Administrators can gauge instructional culture across the district; principals can track improvements in their school.

The results are real: schools with strong instructional cultures (and high Index scores) retain more top teachers and help students learn more.

How Insight Works: A Roadmap to Improving School Culture

Most surveys just lay out the landscape; Instructional Culture Insight maps out a clear path to the destination.

1. Collect a baseline. TNTP surveys every teacher to assess the instructional culture of the district as a whole, and the strengths and challenges of each school.

2. Create an action plan. TNTP maps out the cultural landscape, and sets priorities with district leaders for the next year. TNTP also walks all principals through their own schools’ reports, and highlights opportunities for improvement.

3. Assess improvement over time. Six months to a year later, TNTP again asks every teacher the same set of questions. TNTP assesses the change in each school’s instructional culture – and what the change means for teacher retention and student results.

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