Too much professional development is one-size-fits-all. Virtual coaching uses video to bring expert coaches to your classroom for tailored, trusted feedback.

It's useful because it's yours.

How it Works

Introduce Yourself

You’ll be matched with an experienced coach who knows your subject, and who will get to know you. You’ll talk about your teaching: How would you describe your teaching style? What special needs do students have? Together you’ll decide how coaching can best support your classroom.

Upload Your Video

Using a smartphone, video camera or webcam, you’ll record a 20-minute video of a lesson and upload it to the online portal. Remember, your lesson doesn't need to be "perfect”: Your coach is there to help you be the best you can be.

Review Your Feedback

Within a few days, your coach will send you feedback on your lesson. Comments are embedded directly in your video, so you can see yourself and your students in action, replay and reflect. And your coach will offer small, practical action steps that you can use in class the next day.

Create a Plan

After you've had time to reflect on your video feedback, you and your coach will debrief by phone. You will review the lesson and practice using a new technique in your own words and your own way. And, when you’re ready, you can record and upload your next video lesson for your coach.

Your Coaches

Our virtual coaches are great coaches because they were great teachers first. Coaches have first-hand knowledge of your subject area and grade level. They can figure out what’s taking things off track, and offer simple techniques to use right away.

Heather P.

Years Experience: 9
Lead Teacher and Mentor

Jennifer W.

English Language Arts
Years Experience: 8
Instructional Coach

Kenya C.

Years Experience: 10
Master Teacher

How it Helps

“I really appreciated the professional demeanor and specific feedback from my coach. It was one of the greatest assets to my teaching this year.”  
- Participating Teacher
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