What Drives Us

Our Vision

Our nation's public schools will be thriving organizations that offer all children an excellent education.

Our Mission

TNTP's mission is to end the injustice of educational inequality by providing excellent teachers to the students who need them most and by advancing policies and practices that ensure effective teaching in every classroom.

Our Core Values

These values are the summary of what makes us successful; they communicate what we care about beyond our mission and help guide our decision-making.

Foundation. Our work is driven by what we believe to be best for students and our goal of closing the achievement gap. As a disciplined, revenue-generating non-profit organization, we remain accountable, focused and motivated to meet our goals.

People. Our people drive our success as a company. We strive to recruit and retain a diverse group of dedicated individuals representing the best talent available. We work to ensure they feel valued and supported, and that they have opportunities to develop and grow.

Work. We do what it takes to achieve results. We are purposeful in providing high-quality, responsive and innovative services. We endeavor to work in close collaboration with our clients to develop models that challenge the status quo and raise expectations for what is possible in the effort to increase student achievement, and we strive to inform and influence the national dialogue on education policy.

Culture. We believe in a healthy, productive work environment. We strive for a trusting, supportive culture that emphasizes collaboration and flexibility amongst all staff members. We push ourselves to higher levels of performance, we celebrate our successes, and we learn from our failures.


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