Our Staff

TNTP is organized into four groups: New Teacher Effectiveness, Performance Management, Public Affairs, and Talent & Operations. Within these groups, Vice Presidents provide strategic leadership and Partners, listed below, oversee contracts and manage client relationships.

Roughly half of our diverse, 300+ person staff began their careers in the classroom. Others are education policy experts, researchers, strategy consultants and writers. We are mission-driven, customer-focused and results-oriented. Click here to learn more about our people.

New Teacher Effectiveness

TNTP has "a big role to play in the effort to improve teacher preparation nationally." - The New York Times

The New Teacher Effectiveness Group recruits great teachers for high-need schools and subjects, and prepares those teachers to be immediately effective in the classroom.

Assessment & Evaluation
Richard Green
Erin Grogan
Ian Scott
Patrick Byrnett

Expansion & Training
Bailey Cato Czupryk
Matt Williams
Jocelyn Alter
Kelly Kane
Kelvey Oeser

Strategy & Recruitment
Sheryl Linsky Adam
Tracy Rebe-Bogulavsky
Jessica Varevice

Teacher Training
Liz Cutrona
Greg Vincent

Performance Management

"Innovative organizations like...TNTP are helping to revitalize public education." - TIME

For teachers to be successful, they must work in environments that prioritize and support effective teaching. The Performance Management Group is helping schools, districts and states understand how teachers are performing and what they need to do to get better.

Academic Strategy
Kenya Bradshaw
Pras Ranaweera

Emerging Services
Ben Jackson
Emily Silberstein
Melissa Wu

Foundations of Teacher Excellence
Joseph Hettler
Dina Hasiotis
Miriam Sondheimer Zahavy
Stacy Miles

Strategies, Systems & Policy
Berrick Abramson
Emma Cartwright
Christine Love
Christine Rhyner

Strategy & Operations
Andrew Garland
Kelly Wright

Talent Management
Jennifer Moon Douglass
Tonya Horton
David Sigler
Kate Sobel
Grace Tan
Alex Shub

Public Affairs

TNTP is "a leading voice on teacher quality." - American Enterprise Institute

The Public Affairs Group is a small, dynamic team responsible for sharing TNTP's ideas and innovations in a clear and compelling way.

Communications & Publications
Andy Jacob
Liz Vidyarthi

Partnerships & Research
Jeremy Weinstein
Rachel Evans

Tools for Teacher Excellence
Karla Oakley, Senior Strategist

Talent & Operations

In 2014, 97% of staff rated TNTP a good, very good or excellent place to work.

The Talent & Operations Group keeps TNTP's systems running smoothly and develops TNTP's most important asset – its talented staff.

Diane Keane
Leah Holczer

Human Capital
Kim Allenbach
Sarah Heine
Metta Morton
Amanda Leath

Technology Services
Lea Ann Morrison
Vincent Wagner
Adam Walker

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