Our Funding Model

TNTP is a revenue-generating nonprofit organization that utilizes a blended revenue model to sustain and advance its work nationwide.

The majority of TNTP’s revenue comes from its work with clients on a fee-for-service basis. This approach incentivizes TNTP to meet the needs of its clients while continually assessing the value and cost-effectiveness of its services. The fee-for-service model also encourages TNTP’s clients to be motivated, active collaborators by literally "investing" them in the success of their partnerships with the organization.

Some TNTP initiatives also benefit from the support of federal grant programs and/or private funding. In 2010, TNTP was one of 49 organizations and institutions nationwide to win a federal Investing in Innovation (i3) grant. Approximately 30 percent of TNTP’s annual revenue comes from the generous support of a diverse group of leading philanthropies. With philanthropic support, TNTP is able to expand its impact, develop a top-quality staff and play an unbiased, active role in policy and research.

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